N. Sakthipriya

Independent Researcher, Brussels

I did my PhD in Petroleum Engineering (PE), from IIT Madras with the supervision of Prof. Jitendra Sangwai. He motivated me to be highly focused and get my teeth into various research initiatives. He supported me to be active in student affairs and other volunteering activities.
Life at the PE program is not confined to the department, I also got opportunities to explore a wide range of facilities across different laboratories at IIT-M. Prof. Sangwai also gave me a chance to collaborate with Prof. Mukesh Doble of the Department of Biotechnology.
My lab mates and I used to work day and night in our Gas Hydrates and Flow Assurance Laboratory and we enjoyed every single minute.
My beautiful 4.5 years (Dec 2011 to July 2016), at IIT-M taught me lessons to drive myself in all peaks and valleys. It has offered me the abilities to become a thoughtful person, and shaped my worldview.