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Trying to understand the behavior of fluid flow in a fractured reservoir as against the conventional classical porous medium, where we do a have reasonable understanding in describing fluid flow, especially at the macroscopic scale. However, in a fractured/carbonate reservoirs, it is extremely difficult to deduce a reasonable REV, which in turn, poses a great challenge in deducing the mean value of the dependent variable of interest (spatial and temporal distribution of pressure and saturation profiles). In this context, investigations are being carried out in order to capture the anomalies associated with a fractured/carbonate reservoirs with reference to the single continuum hypothesis of a classical porous medium.

PRO Attainments

2004 – Doctor of Philosophy
IISc (Bangalore)


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Work Experience

24th July 2015 - Current

Department of Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600036 INDIA.

1st June 2010 – 24th July 2015

Associate Professor
Department of Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600036 INDIA.

16th May 2007 – 31st May 2010

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600036 INDIA.

June 2006 - May 2007

Assistant Professor
IIT – Guwahati

June 2005 - May 2006

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Nov 2003 - June 2005

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, USA