▌ Reminiscence

The Department of Ocean Engineering Department (DOE), since its inception as the Ocean Engineering Centre (OEC) in 1977, has focused on research and development in wide areas of ocean and offshore engineering and naval architecture.

The major fields of study covered during 1977-2006 were:

(a)Offshore Structures (Fixed, floating and compliant);

(b)Marine Vehicles (Ships and underwater vehicles);

(c)Marine Hydrodynamics and Coastal Processes;

(d)Port, Harbour and Coastal Structures;

(e)Materials in Marine Environment;

(f)Ocean Energy.

Apart from contributing to the advancement of knowledge in these fields, the Department has significantly contributed to many projects and missions of national importance. Recognizing the shortage of trained manpower and gaps in knowledge in the broad field of naval hydrodynamics, the Naval Research Board has set up a 6-year plan starting in 2007 for The National Program in Marine Hydrodynamics based in the department. One of main objectives of this program is to foster research in this field through collaboration and mentoring with other academic institutions where good potential for research exists.

In recent years the Department has diversified its research portfolio. In 2009, the Golden Jubilee year of IIT Madras, Petroleum Engineering was added with an M. Tech study program. The recent past has seen new areas of activities viz.,

  • Ocean Optics and Satellite Oceanography
  • Ocean Acoustics
  • Hydrodynamics of Undersea Vehicles
  • Marine CFD
  • Petroleum Engineering