SMART Maritime

▌ SMART Maritime Technology

Maritime Industry faces economic, environmental, energy and functional challenges that impact their sustainability. In response to the challenges, ports are adopting technology-based solutions, as well as new approaches to port operations planning and management. These initiatives are largely focused on special-purpose Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications and regulation-based approaches in the setting of smart ports. Given the problems and the new and innovative initiatives on ICT it is essential to promote Research and Development initiatives in the maritime sector and implementation of research findings for improved development and growth of the sector. At present NTCPWC plays a lead and significant role at national level providing scientific support and carry out education, applied research and technology transfer to major, non-major and private ports. In addition, provide effective solutions to an extensive range of problems through indigenous and cutting-edge technology support in the Port and Maritime sector. NTCPWC envisages through SMATE – COE towards next step of contributing at Global level through substantial research works in the Digitalisation, Smart sensing and communications, Autonomous systems and Robotics, Intelligent navigation, Advanced data analytics and developing next generation smart ports.

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